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ryan, 23, uk. ve/ver/vis, ze/hir, they/them, any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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Eggshells ch6

Life is hard, but kind of normal for a while.

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Zenith personas cuz if I'm gonna draw Aubrey's too then how could I not. I've been meaning to do this for ages tbh

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Also: Aubrey’s Matrix persona bc I played Shadowrun: Dragonfall again this week and I got thinking abt it. I wasn’t ever sure what direction I wanted to go with her persona and she hates manifesting in the Matrix anyway for trauma reasons so she never uses this thing but I had a moment of inspiration on the bus on Friday and had to get it out

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New NeoScum ep had a Zenith flashback where ze and another operative were wearing masks so I guess that's a Legacy of Adam thing and I went........... a little nuts slapping a bunch of mask designs on baby Aubrey because I REALLY LOVE masks as a character design element

The first time around the other kid was described as wearing (I THINK) a Hallowe'en mask but that was a totally different time and place and given the uhhhh apparent situation it was probably a situational choice to be a little more inconspicuous so I am assuming we have no solid description of the masks they wear in serious combat ops right now and going absolutely ham (but I am really fond of the very last one if only because it finally occurred to me to incorporate the goddamn C&C insignia into the thing like I do with their cybernetics)

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This finally went live so I can share my stuff! Joe organised a project to set an episode of NeoScum to a bunch of art and while it didn’t pan out quite as much like an animatic as it was originally intended to be there’s still some really killer art in there. These are the panels I did specifically for this project in their intended viewing order. I had fun doing these and figuring out how to strip down my process to draw efficiently w/o getting hung up on detail

There's a couple things I should have fixed that I didn't get to but uhhhhh pobody's nerfect. This is one of my favourite eps and favourite scenes and I'm so glad I got assigned this section specifically

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there are only 3 genders: spoon, fork, and spork

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consider: knife

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6 genders

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This thing.

Everyone look at this dog we are looking after who 1) decided to lie down close enough to my desk that I had to mind not to roll over his ears with my chair (pictured) and 2) despite being old, incredibly docile and on all other occasions perfectly-behaved, decided to jump into the ditch in the bottom of our garden the first night we had him and went missing for a good hour and some, scaring the hell out of my dad. He did not do this last summer when we looked after him. Imagine: me, standing in the kitchen doorway, knowing that my dad is out there in the dark, crappy torch in hand, listening to him splashing around in a stream yelling “HARLEY” every 5 seconds

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oh art vs artist was doing the rounds so I had to hop on the train

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Eggshells ch5

Let's get domestic round 2 electric boogaloo

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AUBREY AND NEIN POST compiled from recent tweets and thoughts spawned from them

  • Nein is super socially dysfunctional upon exiting Legacy of Adam on account of her initial childhood and then the even more fucked-up second phase of her upbringing where she was even further isolated from other people. She has some really major anger and aggression problems. She tends to turn her anxiety and frustration outwards bc she’s used to having authority over or taking priority over other people and/or at least not having to deal with the fallout of her own mess beyond whatever personal punishment is laid on her
  • Despite this once she’s back with Aubrey and they start tapping into her compassionate side she consciously doesn’t want to be destructive anymore and ultimately starts doing like, craft work as an outlet. She would rather create than destroy and it’s the first skill she learns post-LoA that she feels is really meaningful to her
  • (She starts out with scoobies. yall remember those plastic things you could weave into bracelets and keychains and all sorts of shit? they spend a day w/ Kaveh’s family and one of the kids teaches her how to do stuff with them)
  • Aubrey is great with kids
  • She was very much the protective big sister during her time w/ LoA and she’s not sure about having kids and going into childcare as a career or something is probably not on the table (it’s not the kind of environment she can just shut off for a while when she needs to and she’s prone to sensory overload) but she likes being with kids and she’s always a hit w/ the foster kids at Kaveh’s parents’ house
  • Gender is weird for these two because of their upbringing removed from mainstream society
  • Aubrey is pretty happy Being A Woman but is just like ideologically opposed to the gender binary and calling her a nonbinary woman is probably the most accurate term
  • Nein is really ??? because she grew up even MORE sheltered and beyond pronouns it was basically not ever a topic that came up during her time w/ LoA so she just kind of went with it and never gave it a second thought. but then she leaves and uh turns out people have opinions on this and there’s also a lot of options to choose from and she doesn’t really understand the difference between anything from an internal identity perspective
  • That said she semi-frequently gets gendered as non-female on account of being bald/totally flat-chested/broad-shouldered depending on what she’s wearing and her kneejerk reaction is to correct people. but? I don’t know. she doesn’t know. she has a lot of things to work out and this falls pretty low on the list of priorities
  • If Aubrey ever did leave her current job (and she probably should, eventually, bc for all its benefits it is inherently unhealthy for her mental state) she would probably end up working with animals, in a shelter or as a vet tech or something

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drags myself on2 the dash to post this Pox I drew last night while I was waiting for my dad to get home from the supermarket with bread

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Chompers........... I decided it makes sense for Nein to have some teeth implants on top of everything else. idk if they're gonna stay gold I just wanted them to match her eyes here

When I'm not trying to avoid the looming emotional crisis of not finishing a bunch of art pieces that I really want to make in my rear-view mirror I need to make a full ref sheet of all of Nein's cybernetics and implants because this girl is absolutely wired

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Steven Universe: The Movie - from

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Anyway forget interspecies politics right now I just want to put aliens in bad pants

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(c) Sanasean - The Atowl

I made an elf warrior for the character design challenge !

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Some hot scenery from NeoScum ep 54/55 because the description of this was SO vivid in my head... more really fun colour work. I LOVE drawing fire

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Eggshells ch4

Let's get................ sad

The colours on these took forever but I really really like how they turned out

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loudst -
Art by Jordan Loudst,

its axel as a shiny typhlosion gijinka

for an au

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Eggshells ch3

Let's get DOMESTIC

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Eggshells ch2

I put together the single-image file for chapter one and then forgot to do it for the rest so I'm behind on these. Time to catch up

Aubrey has a Strong Dislike of hospitals and doctors

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I didn't plan on spending so much time on this but I wanted some nice art of Nein so :^)

She escaped the clutches of Legacy of Adam w/ Aubrey but turned herself back in to LoA and for her "loyalty" they... "rewarded" her. She was only twelve at the time and between the culture shock and being so young she couldn't handle trying to make it in normal society alone and LoA really doubled down on her once she was back in their hands, and used that to drill it into her that the outside world would only ever be hostile to her while they care for her and give her her true purpose in life. Despite their continued abusive practices they have her convinced she's their golden child, outfitted and trained to be better than any of their other operatives (spoiler: she's not and they have a bunch of others just like her), and she harbours a deep-seated hatred for Aubrey now as the one who orchestrated their initial escape, viewing her as having abandoned her to the streets.

(In the timeline where they reunite they work through it... a lot happens very fast and they have to make some very decisive life-or-death calls that leads to some rapid initial reconciliation. Things are still very rocky but there are some barriers that get broken down very quickly)

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Warm-up sirit faces from last night/today because I wanna get back into some original stuff and these guys make for real easy mindless scribbling