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ryan, 23, uk. ve/ver/vis preferably or any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

>VGA to HDMI adapter arrives

>go to plug in

>port is actually DP not HDMI


>figure out that it was probably actually a driver that windows update pushed out that broke everything

>spend the next hour trying to fix that


I spent two hours today travelling somewhere that's only actually a half hour away because of how infrequent the buses are out here, got smothered in ultrasound jelly to eventually be told they can't see any reason why I keep getting abdominal pains, stood in the wind for an hour waiting for my dad to come and pick me up, then got home to find that on updating my PC it APPEARED to have bricked my machine because I couldn't even get to the login screen

And then after 90 minutes or so being really angry at that it looks like actually it's just my VGA/HDMI adapter that's bust (fine) or my GPU (less fine but I can take that hit)

Coffee machine started screaming at me while I was steaming milk and almost got scalded


I drew a terrible version of this on my phone on Sunday night but I needed to do it justice because the phone iteration was done painstakingly with my finger and was still barely legible

Pillowfort felt like it was a place that everyone was moving their Proper Art Blogs to but Waterfall feels like, oh, I can post art here but also just be feral if I want to

aaaand here's today's daily dragon, hot off the press

Tryna draw more dragons this year because I used to draw them all the time when I was younger and I kinda miss it. Hopefully gonna make these my daily warm-ups. Here's yesterday's

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There's three main ways you can protect your stuff from prying eyes on Waterfall - search settings, age restrictions, and tags.

Search Settings

The first option is search settings. In your Blog Settings, you can opt out of showing in search results. This might be useful for personal blogs, and when you're opted out, you won't show in blog recommendations, and neither will your posts show in regular searches. Additionally, Waterfall will add a tag to your blog that asks search engines not to index it - most popular ones respect this setting, but a couple don't. For the ones most folks use though, you can be pretty sure you won't show up on there.

Age Restrictions

If you're an adult, you might not want to interact with minors - either because your blog is mostly adult content, interacting with minors makes you uncomfortable, or because you'd just prefer not to. In these cases, the option to make your blog only accessible to users over the age of eighteen is available in your blog settings. As with opting out of search results, your blog will no longer be accessible to users under that age. It also won't be available to logged out users, who are assumed to be underage by default.


There are three types of tags that affect how a post is treated on the site. Tags are currently case sensitive due to a code oversight, which should be corrected soon. For now, be careful as you type!


The "nsfw" or "NSFW" tags flag a post to be treated in the same way as an NSFW blog, with only that particular post being hidden from underage users. As of writing, that protection doesn't apply to reblogs without the NSFW tag - this is considered a bug, and will be fixed shortly.

Prescribed tags: nsfw, NSFW

Do Not Reblog

Sometimes, you want to say something, but don't want it being shared. In these cases, the Do Not Reblog tag family blocks reblogging the post at a code level. People can still like it and leave comments. This is most suitable for if you want advice or reassurance on something. Note: With these tags, they should be completely lowercase.

Prescribed tags: dnr, do not reblog

Do Not Interact

A more potent foorm of the DNR tags, Do Not Interact also disables comments. It doesn't stop likes - though there's debate on whether they should! Let us know your thoughts. As with DNR, these tags should be completely lower case.

Prescribed tags: dni, do not interact

Only one of the prescribed tags needs to be present. DNI overrides DNR.


In cases where you just don't want to interact with someone, you can block them. Blocks are handled at the account level rather than per blog, and you only need to block one of a user's blogs to block all of them. Currently, it doesn't stop posts where someone you've blocked is the OP from showing on your dashboard - this is considered a bug, and will be fixed shortly.

Blocking also carries over when a user is logged out, in a limited capacity.

Blocking is currently the weakest system on the site, and is being actively worked on - if you find an issue, let us know!

Ya Boy Made A Sticker

( you can check it out here on redbubble!!! )

I didn't set up my commission listing bc I got as far as accepting the T&Cs and then I was like "uhhh I'll make my stripe account in a minute" but I didn't and stayed up until 4AM painting instead. today maybe


Prooooobably gonna test out the commission market later

1: Thinkin about making Nein an orc. I think I subconsciously based her appearance a little bit on Gobbet from SR:HK from the start so fuck it why not lean into it

2: June, my third ex-Legacy boy who I posted like once last summer and then never did anything with because I haven’t figured out how to slot him into the (loose) plot yet. Changed him to be an elf cuz I need to vary my metatypes more and idk if his hair is quite right yet (I re-drew it so many times) but I like this for now. He shows up some time after Nein and Aubrey are reunited and he would have to be the one to approach Aubrey bc she straight up would not recognise him at all. He’s the same age as her so they last saw each other when they were 17 and since then he’s been on T and had all of his C&C cyberware removed/replaced with more inconspicuous pieces so the only major giveaway is the eye scar

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A picture says a thousand words, but a video says a million. A new site coming soon from the team behind Waterfall.

With the New Year here, we thought it was a good time to announce the next stage of Waterfall's support for creators.

Introducing Glacier, a new way to share video content. A separate site, but tightly integrated into WF - if you have an account here, you have an account there!

Coming soon!

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Remember when y'all said "do Youtube next"?

2019 Art Summary

Whew!! lotta NeoScum. Lotta blue and pink. I'm really happy w/ the work I put out this year and the skills I've developed and I'm excited to go into 2020 with the stuff I have sitting on the bench rn

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us: thell take a fucking break


2009 vs 2019

Stuff changes, huh. 2009 me would not believe how good I can draw now

Dude on the left was from 2009's NaNoWriMo when I had tonsillitis and persistent bronchitis, was off school for the better part of six weeks and made it to 90k across two novels. His never got finished despite several attempts at rewrites and they both sucked but I have him and his then-boyfriend to thank for my gay trans awakening so I got SOMETHING out of it

I'm in the postgame of Pokémon Shield now and WHY did they just put all of the actual game after the end credits

Recent Oddworld stuff: Sketch of me n a friend's character from earlier this month(? late November maybe) and a page of animal sketches from the new art book I did as warm-ups

So I finished (I... guess) Pokémon Shield and... euuughhhhhh

I enjoyed this game sooo much at the start and it felt so fresh and interesting and maybe it was the fact that I took a couple of weeks off the plot just running around catching/evolving pokémon but I went back to tackling the plot over this past week or so and I feel like the latter part has no substance

Like, all the other NPCs are constantly telling you to leave alone the interesting things that are actually happening and just kind of railroading you onto the gym challenge so much that winning in the end ultimately just? feels really hollow? Rose Tower was a really pathetic last "stage" as far as endgame bosses go, Eternatus being there made no sense (I still have no idea exactly why Rose was doing what he was doing, or what he was actually planning on doing aside from the vague concept of using dynamax power as an everyday energy source - like, what does Eternatus have to do with that? hello???), it was completely anticlimactic and it just. man. it felt like a real let down. I've spent the last few days thinking "this is cool but I wish I was playing Sun/Moon right now"

Team Yell: GREAT, love Bad Guy Teams who are just local goons way more than I will ever like dramatic Evil People trying to take over the world, fell apart completely unceremoniously after Piers' gym battle

Spikemuth: could easily have been one of the coolest towns in the game but there's literally nothing there. I know the point is that it's run-down but you can do that without making it essentially just one long corridor with only a Pokémon centre in it

Raihan: shittiest dragon gym leader in any game by far

I guess there's postgame content and I dipped into that (not that I can take it seriously with those ppls stupid-ass names and haircuts) but stripping all the plot out of the main game to save it for later does not postgame content make. It seems like such a weird design choice. Anyway ultimately wasn't the worst Pokémon game I've ever played (XY take that honour for being the only main series games I never even bothered trying to finish) and it's still worth playing but it was a disappointment. It set itself up really well and just didn't follow through

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In case anyone was wondering how I feel about The State of Things right now

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iiiif you want to put this on your body or your belongings you can buy it here and the money will go to people doing good work here in the UK and in Chile