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ryan, 23, uk. ve/ver/vis, ze/hir, they/them, any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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Eggshells ch2

I put together the single-image file for chapter one and then forgot to do it for the rest so I'm behind on these. Time to catch up

Aubrey has a Strong Dislike of hospitals and doctors

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Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR


I didn't plan on spending so much time on this but I wanted some nice art of Nein so :^)

She escaped the clutches of Legacy of Adam w/ Aubrey but turned herself back in to LoA and for her "loyalty" they... "rewarded" her. She was only twelve at the time and between the culture shock and being so young she couldn't handle trying to make it in normal society alone and LoA really doubled down on her once she was back in their hands, and used that to drill it into her that the outside world would only ever be hostile to her while they care for her and give her her true purpose in life. Despite their continued abusive practices they have her convinced she's their golden child, outfitted and trained to be better than any of their other operatives (spoiler: she's not and they have a bunch of others just like her), and she harbours a deep-seated hatred for Aubrey now as the one who orchestrated their initial escape, viewing her as having abandoned her to the streets.

(In the timeline where they reunite they work through it... a lot happens very fast and they have to make some very decisive life-or-death calls that leads to some rapid initial reconciliation. Things are still very rocky but there are some barriers that get broken down very quickly)

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Warm-up sirit faces from last night/today because I wanna get back into some original stuff and these guys make for real easy mindless scribbling

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Eggshells ch1

More fic drawings baybee

This one is all Original Content because I wrote an absolute ton of behind-the-scenes Aubrey content and it was all too good not to post so I did what I seem to do a lot these days and taped it all together into one big fic which is updating chapter-by-chapter here

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Continuing the suit trend because Zenith has actually CANONICALLY worn these suits and it should not have taken me so long to draw them

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The precursor to Pox In Suits. Guest character Merinway and more Pox inspired by their canon fashions in this arc and a lot of pinterest deep diving to find weird shit befitting of this particular location

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Pox in suits bc of some other art that I'm now realising I haven't posted here that made me think "hmmm I should draw Pox in a suit too". Results good, fond of that red one

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A BRAND NEW Florian cuz I'm playing her in a one-off Sprawl game rn and I got hype for it

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Still on that oc/canon shit. Drew this right at the end of June and I regret not giving Pox an obscene amount of bracelets and wristbands but I cba fixing it now

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This WAS gonna be a complete ref sheet for artfight before I decided that doing artfight would just stress me out but I already had the lineart done so... dress-up time

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Repour with which part of the body and head you start drawing first!!!

I start with the torso and nose :3

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i start with the head and finish with the head

ghostmoor -

Depends what I'm drawing for but typically either the head, shoulders or back

Slowly... catching up on art posts... I'm posting things a little out of chronological order but I'm like maybe a week or so away from having caught up to my most recent posts I think except I'm about to dump a bunch of new stuff because I found some ref sheet art from like 10 months ago that are still good that I'm finishing rn

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I went to school in the empire
Learnt the rules from a brat sire
I be a fool of the empire
'Til I break loose spread fire

It would take paragraphs for me to explain fully why Borderline is the perfect Zenith song but tl;dr mind-wiped ex-operative of an extremely shady transhuman corporation gets the hard facts about hir life with said corporation prior to getting hir memory nuked and is now more than ready to go enact revenge on them for being... universally abhorrent

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Long-distance charges

More fic illustrations because that's all I ever do these days I GUESS. For this fic

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When you find what you need: PT 3

Last batch of WYFWYN panels!

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

When you find what you need: PT 2

Second batch of WYFWYN illustrations. Things Happen

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When you find what you need: PT 1

Panels from my NeoScum fic, WYFWYN, which was never MEANT to stack up to 13k words but it kind of just happened

Aubrey was actually just meant to be a throwaway side-character for BWIYD but then I started writing more "what if" scenarios and... before I knew it I was in too deep and had enough material to cobble WYFWYN together and now it's a whole thing

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Moooore sketches

Top left: Aubrey still under the... employ of Legacy of Adam, some other LoA kid faces I was playing with

Top right: Aubrey/Pox bc I thought about them interacting and even tho I don't think they're going to meet properly over the course of this crazy extended fic unverse I'm spinning rn they'd still be cute and relate to each other a lot

Bottom: a decker named Florian who I came up with intending to keep him on the bench for any Shadowrun games I might get a chance to play in in the future but I slipped and dumped him into the Scumverse instead lmao. The other dude in the bottom right is another decker named Rocky who's my scumsona and I wanted to actually do something with him instead of drawing him once and then never using him again so he's? partnered? with Florian now

I don't know if I posted any of my other social links or anything here but I primarily hang out on twitter and I talk a lot abt art junk over there so follow if you feel so inclined

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Apparently I already compiled these? which ok sure makes my life easier. Their name is Iloya and they're another one of Aubrey and Kaveh's coworkers. Aubrey works with them for a while at after coming back to work following her injury and being delegated to on-site work at HQ for a while

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I sketched these out SO long ago when I first made Murphy and Viv and I finally got to finishing them on stream a while ago. Oddworld is still very near and dear to my heart even if I've been in NeoScum hell for 8 months and counting

Murphy and Viv have very different approaches to their craft… Murphy is very calculating and tends to be more observational, only getting their hands dirty when absolutely necessary. As far as vykkers go they’re kind of a clean freak. That said, they also hate getting dressed up fancy, but do it for business purposes to attempt to make meetings with glukkon business partners more amicable.

Viv on the other hand is nasty and likes to poke and prod at everything. They’re the one who puts Murphy’s theories to the test and they do NOT care for looking presentable in the eyes of species with more… rigid social codes of conduct

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Compiling some other multi-image junk rn (my least favourite task) but in the mean time here's some baby Aubreys, some less baby but still baby Aubreys and some Kaveh AKA dad-figure-later-turned-older-brother-figure-kinda from sth I wrote mostly as character exploration that became canon and that I will probably post one day once I accumulate enough bits and pieces in my notes to frankenstein together into a cohesive story. it's when Kaveh takes her shopping after her apartment building burns down (and she accidentally becomes his roommate for real)

marimolejo asked:

The portrait with the eye trauma looks so AMAZING. The hands? fantastic. The colors? spectacular.

Thank you!!! I'm still really fond of those colours

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I planned on doing some work rehashing my webcomic over the summer and uhhhh that. has not really manifested. I DID draw this really good pic of my protag and I still WANT to get back to rewriting some things but I accidentally got caught up writing a novel's worth of Scumverse fic instead. C'est la vie