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ryan, 24, uk. ve/ver/vis preferably or any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

I'M ON THE COMMISSION MARKET! I have five slots open for simple headshots just to test the waters. Let me draw you some stuff

the feedback



i accidentally got into blaseball and have made a light rp side account for him so this is what i'm doing with my time in between working (still) on the neoscum zine i've been going at for like four months now

Noen outfits!! Gotta work on the patterns/embroidery but at least I have the shapes/colours right. Now maybe I can actually start working on making Fallsong happen

I got suspicious of the fact that my body had been feeling so good and what do you know my back pain decided to resurface this week and now my knees are hurting too

Lex badly needed a consistent fashion style so I went ahead and gave ver some new threads. I’ve drawn ver in a lot of smart casual wear before but decided that is absolutely not ver style at all

Commission for tiny_blue_trash on Twitter of their character, Hadley! love this guy's hair

thing i made for tumblr bc i finally fixed my EXTREMELY OUT OF DATE blog description

I was excited to get loads of art done this weekend since I have a whole four days off and I have ended up being busy every day

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6pat -


photo study not sure if i like it but thats kind of always my stance on anything i draw

Everyone who said they're in love w/ my oni lady is valid

Sorry I have been BAD at crossposting lately my brain has been kind of a big cloud full of too many thoughts to focus on anything but twitter


Some other recent stuff: NeoScum band AU and casual Zenith inspired by the Gen Con-stand-in charity live stream the other week and a purple Lex bc the Moroverse has been living on the backburner of my mind again

i made this character ages ago for a shadowrun game that never materialised butttt i like her design and i wanted to draw some polished art of her so here she is. idr her name and i cba finding her sheet but i think about her all the time

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🌊 aquatic mine

on byte!

"Z shock hands the crab to make it let go."
"The current travels through the crab and into Tech Wizard's body, killing him instantly."

Having a normal day at the beach with your friends, the NeoScum, dialogue mine

EGGSHELLS, chapter 8

Posted this last night! I really love that last drawing of Kaveh and Aubrey on the couch SO much. Just one chapter left!

kids killing people and blowing things up // illustration page from my upcoming neoscum zine

I opened up twitter this morning and found this waiting for me in the new tweet box

>Why the fuck have I had a migraine for four days

>Look at calendar

>Two days from T shot day

>My migraines are hormonal

Everyone (including the GM) has been making NeoScum zines lately and I wanted to hop on the train so this is what I'm doing with my summer... not all of it is gonna be comics but they are gonna make up a substantial part of it. I'm having fun using some different brushes and colouring methods from my usual tools

I don't think I ever posted this here because I drew it.... a while ago, it's probably in the signature that I can't see on the image preview in the post editor lol, but this follows (not immediately) the events of the comic I posted yesterday


I’ve wanted to make this comic………… basically ever since I heard this song, because it was so fitting for Marek that I just HAD to, and I finally got around to finishing it a couple of weeks ago

This follows Marek’s return to their home village, which is very rocky for a number of reasons, but they 1) ultimately still love their family and 2) are extremely Mad At God for the apparent lack of intervention as other clans and settlements of their tribe have been wiped off the map completely or at the very least displaced (and ended up in Dove Reki, which is now practically on the front line). They are deeply betrayed and if nobody else is going to go out there and summon God into corporeality so they can yell at it, Marek’s gonna go fuckin do it

(Rokovek is just along for the ride. Marek sees a lot of themself in Roki when they meet and kinda takes them under their wing)

What's up I haven't posted anything for like two months because I Have Depression Babey but I drew all of my Transitverse/Shadowrun/Scumverse/whatever characters for pride month

I also did a ton of other shit but let's start off with this