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Actually, some questions because I'm curious now.

So, in primary school (not college),

  • Were y'all taught how to write cursive?
  • Were y'all taught how to write a letter, or instead did y'all learn how to write an email?
  • Did your computer class include more than just learning how to type?

Keep in mind I'm approaching my late 20's as I answer these


-They're teaching kids to write emails now tf??? I learned to write a letter lol and even then I hardly remember that

-No lol from what I remember we just learned to type. We also played some online math games or something but that was the extent of it when I went to primary school


Cursive: Yes, expected to use it until high school when they let us write however we liked

Letter/email: Letters in primary school, emails maybe in high school but high school IT classes bored the shit out of me and I barely paid attention

Computer class: We did learn more than how to type in primary school but i could barely tell you WHAT. opened up a lot more in high school but, again, boring, could not tell you what i learnt in IT classes specifically that i didn't learn through other classes

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German citizen speaking here, late twenties.

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Yes, we had to learn cursive. Didn't have to use it though.

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You learned that stuff in the 3rd grade??? Interesting!

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im still IN primary school but heres my answer

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Cursive: Yes, expected to use it until high school when they let us write however we liked

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I learned to write cursive, but only because where I lived at the time was apparently one of the last ones to stop teaching it (next time I moved, no one my age knew how to write or read cursive -- didn't even know what it was).

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I don't know if kids nowadays are being taught how to write emails. I only learned letters and letters alone, but once I was suddenly expected to know how to compose an email in high school, I really wished I had been taught how to write emails.

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I went to a Catholic elementary school, so it was a little different from public schools. Yes, we were taught cursive, and we were expected to use it for everything handwritten that we turned in. I think that my public school counterparts might have briefly been taught cursive, but they never were expected to use it. I still write in cursive--printing hurts my hand and takes me longer.

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Keep in mind I'm approaching my late 20's as I answer these

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Interesting. The one teacher for a whole day except for some subjects was how our elementary rolled, too. I don't remember doing anything computer related until junior high, though (I do remember playing games on the computers earlier than junior high, however).

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See I didn't have a "computer class" until high school. In elementary we had 1 teacher for the whole day (aside for things like gym, music, art) and for like a month or something we went into the computer lab to learn basic computer skills like how to use Word and open internet explorer but it was just the teacher incorporating it into lessons?

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Yes we learned cursive and had to use it for everything from 5th-8th grade.
We learned how to write letters. I remember having multiple assignments that required us to properly write a letter to both real and fictional people.

In computer class we learned typing, all the Microsoft office programs (word, excell, etc), and played games to help us learn how to use a computer. We had to do a lot of power points and present projects in front of the class as well.

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@naiad, good grief, I can't imagine being forced to turn in handwritten stuff in cursive alone. Sorry you had to go through that.

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I'm 28 so I'll tell you my experience. I don't remember learning any cursive until 3rd or 4th grade and we only learned for part of a year and were expected to just go from there using it all the time. I had several teachers who would only accept hand-written work if it was in cursive or you'd lose points or even get a 0 on the whole thing (I was TERRIBLE at cursive)

I learned to write professional letters sometime in primary/elementary schools but I don't think they ever covered how to write a professional email. I guess it was just carried over from what we were taught about letters

I actually never learned the "correct" way to type in any computer class. The first school I went to was teaching us how to use floppy discs as an introduction and we were using Word to write out letters and then save them. We were more learning the basics of things like bold, underline, italics but it was for letter reasons and not email specifically. None of us were expected to have emails or for our families to even have home computers. When I moved the kids in my class had taken typing lessons but I moved after they learned so I never got them but they were common with other kids my age just not in the specific school I went to. If I had stayed I probably would have learned typing the in another year or two though.

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OK so - cursive, YES & was not fan, letter/email... want say was letter, email not til later? but not remember either way xP, & computer class: typing, basic web safety & printing stuff, though later did start use computers for games/programs in other subjects. most computer stuff stella know was pick up from guardian who been work on computers for long while :D

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