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ryan, 23, uk. ve/ver/vis, ze/hir, they/them, any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Still on that oc/canon shit. Drew this right at the end of June and I regret not giving Pox an obscene amount of bracelets and wristbands but I cba fixing it now

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

This WAS gonna be a complete ref sheet for artfight before I decided that doing artfight would just stress me out but I already had the lineart done so... dress-up time

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Long-distance charges

More fic illustrations because that's all I ever do these days I GUESS. For this fic

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

When you find what you need: PT 3

Last batch of WYFWYN panels!

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

When you find what you need: PT 2

Second batch of WYFWYN illustrations. Things Happen

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

When you find what you need: PT 1

Panels from my NeoScum fic, WYFWYN, which was never MEANT to stack up to 13k words but it kind of just happened

Aubrey was actually just meant to be a throwaway side-character for BWIYD but then I started writing more "what if" scenarios and... before I knew it I was in too deep and had enough material to cobble WYFWYN together and now it's a whole thing

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Moooore sketches

Top left: Aubrey still under the... employ of Legacy of Adam, some other LoA kid faces I was playing with

Top right: Aubrey/Pox bc I thought about them interacting and even tho I don't think they're going to meet properly over the course of this crazy extended fic unverse I'm spinning rn they'd still be cute and relate to each other a lot

Bottom: a decker named Florian who I came up with intending to keep him on the bench for any Shadowrun games I might get a chance to play in in the future but I slipped and dumped him into the Scumverse instead lmao. The other dude in the bottom right is another decker named Rocky who's my scumsona and I wanted to actually do something with him instead of drawing him once and then never using him again so he's? partnered? with Florian now

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Compiling some other multi-image junk rn (my least favourite task) but in the mean time here's some baby Aubreys, some less baby but still baby Aubreys and some Kaveh AKA dad-figure-later-turned-older-brother-figure-kinda from sth I wrote mostly as character exploration that became canon and that I will probably post one day once I accumulate enough bits and pieces in my notes to frankenstein together into a cohesive story. it's when Kaveh takes her shopping after her apartment building burns down (and she accidentally becomes his roommate for real)

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Sth from a few months back that I ended up experimenting with gradient maps on. While Zenith is out there trying to recover a lifetime of lost memories Aubrey is... the complete opposite and would have done almost anything to be wiped clean and ejected from the program they were raised under rather than the much rougher exit she had to take when it presented itself

Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Let's try again with something I HAVEN'T already posted

I don't know what there is to say about this. Incredibly powerful energies radiate from this Aubrey

by ghostmoor
But what if you did? panels, part 3. These were a real pain in the ass to get done but I really love how this image set turned out in the end