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when they had her kill her sister, they told her it was the revenge she deserved. in the end, it was their greatest mistake: it broke their perfect weapon.

anyway in stark contrast with that last piece: this

one of Aubrey’s bad ends involves dying by Nein’s hand and then NEIN’S story branches out two or three ways, one of them being that she is immediately struck by overwhelming guilt and the stark realisation that she’s committing herself to a dead-end life she never wanted and undergoes a SURGE-like event similar to one of Aubrey’s other bad ends and just goes absolutely feral

after this... i’m not sure what she’d do. her mindset in this state is just bloody revenge with no real plan so she might get taken out quickly. if she survived/escaped i don’t know where she’d go. given her Everything she would probably wind up a shadowrunner bc she completely lacks the social/life skills for... literally anything else