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ryan, 24, uk. ve/ver/vis preferably or any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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I kinda gave up shading these halfway through bc I want to post it more than I want to finish it but I wanted to draw Nein in a bunch of different outfits. Post-LoA her creative side leads her into fashion and makeup and she gets REALLY into it and eventually ends up running a fashion blog

(WHTB are Who Hid the Body. They’re witch house/punk fusion and they’re her favourite band.)

Nein ref! because I wanted to get all her implants and modifications down on paper with some bonus flavour text that I whipped up

I popped open Hero Lab while I was doing this to skim over the list of cyber/bioware in the books I have in there in case there was anything cool that appealed to me that I could add to her and y’all, Shadowrun is a real game you can play that lets you do some really fucking stupid bullshit to your character

New NeoScum ep had a Zenith flashback where ze and another operative were wearing masks so I guess that's a Legacy of Adam thing and I went........... a little nuts slapping a bunch of mask designs on baby Aubrey because I REALLY LOVE masks as a character design element

The first time around the other kid was described as wearing (I THINK) a Hallowe'en mask but that was a totally different time and place and given the uhhhh apparent situation it was probably a situational choice to be a little more inconspicuous so I am assuming we have no solid description of the masks they wear in serious combat ops right now and going absolutely ham (but I am really fond of the very last one if only because it finally occurred to me to incorporate the goddamn C&C insignia into the thing like I do with their cybernetics)

Anyway forget interspecies politics right now I just want to put aliens in bad pants

This WAS gonna be a complete ref sheet for artfight before I decided that doing artfight would just stress me out but I already had the lineart done so... dress-up time