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ryan, 24, uk. ze/hir or ve/ver. i make art and comics, i love NeoScum, and i believe in abolishing the police

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SERAPHIM: How_to_Be_Good
Inspired by @NeoScum: a zine about Legacy of Adam, the children God left in the shadows, and the insurmountable weight they must carry to Be Good.

I crawl out of my hole, as I do, periodically, to offer this: what I have been working on over the summer and most of the fall

I am forever hungry for more lore about Legacy of Adam, and in lieu of concrete facts, this is a collection of speculative experiences based on what we do know and what we can extrapolate from that. It was also a chance to dig into some character backstories a little bc I haven’t ever really gone this far back with these guys before.

You can download it for free right here. Enjoy, and please heed the content warnings on the page/intro page in the zine!!

i made this character ages ago for a shadowrun game that never materialised butttt i like her design and i wanted to draw some polished art of her so here she is. idr her name and i cba finding her sheet but i think about her all the time