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Actually, some questions because I'm curious now.

So, in primary school (not college),

  • Were y'all taught how to write cursive?
  • Were y'all taught how to write a letter, or instead did y'all learn how to write an email?
  • Did your computer class include more than just learning how to type?

Keep in mind I'm approaching my late 20's as I answer these


-They're teaching kids to write emails now tf??? I learned to write a letter lol and even then I hardly remember that

-No lol from what I remember we just learned to type. We also played some online math games or something but that was the extent of it when I went to primary school


Cursive: Yes, expected to use it until high school when they let us write however we liked

Letter/email: Letters in primary school, emails maybe in high school but high school IT classes bored the shit out of me and I barely paid attention

Computer class: We did learn more than how to type in primary school but i could barely tell you WHAT. opened up a lot more in high school but, again, boring, could not tell you what i learnt in IT classes specifically that i didn't learn through other classes