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ryan, 23, uk. ve/ver/vis preferably or any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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(for context, bc most people are unfamiliar: Max is Dak's son "sister's kid)

This is my new DnD character: Maximus Brutalius(Max). I wrote him a theme song and everything.

I imagine he lived his whole life like this and he’s grown from a silly side-show to a bombastic main-attraction. It doesn’t bother him that his family is probably long gone because the people here saved him and he adores the attention anyway. He struck out to adventure after finding out most of his fights were rigged in his favor simply due to him being a favorite among the audience. He thinks he’s world-famous when he’s really “that one province famous” so role-playing him ought to be a treat.

Also, he doesn't speak a lick of goblin.

HEY this is as good a post as any to be my first, I think! Some festive NeoScum goodness because boy do these people go through hell and I just want to see them all together and happy for once. Good podcast good people good characters but I cry a lot over their misery.

So, hi? I'm Ryan and I do art. I'm ghostmoor basically everywhere (twitter,, deviantart, tumblr, pillowfort). I like worldbuilding, character design, exploring nonhuman characters/societies in fiction, pigeons, Oddworld, and my recently-discovered love, NeoScum. Occasionally I write things. Maybe once every three years I make a song. Lately I've been into poetry but my passions for new things can burn out very quickly so we'll see where it goes. In a similar vein, I streamed part of the colouring process for the above pic and I want to stream some more in 2019. It may or may not happen, but following me on Twitter (or mastodon, if I can remember to crosspost as planned) is gonna be the best way of getting updates about that.

I have a webcomic! I haven't been good at updating it lately but I haven't forgotten about it and I still want to continue making it. You can read it at