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ryan, 24, uk. ze/hir or ve/ver. i make art and comics, i love NeoScum, and i believe in abolishing the police

Posts tagged moroverse:

Noen outfits!! Gotta work on the patterns/embroidery but at least I have the shapes/colours right. Now maybe I can actually start working on making Fallsong happen

Lex badly needed a consistent fashion style so I went ahead and gave ver some new threads. I’ve drawn ver in a lot of smart casual wear before but decided that is absolutely not ver style at all

Some other recent stuff: NeoScum band AU and casual Zenith inspired by the Gen Con-stand-in charity live stream the other week and a purple Lex bc the Moroverse has been living on the backburner of my mind again

Been thinkin about hekats while I was away and decided to change up their limb configuration because having them walk on all six limbs wasn’t working for me and I like this better

Might also change their name to reapers based on this? idk. “Hekat” was a very “fuck i want to post about these but I don’t have a name for them” name that I gave them ages ago that honestly I never liked all that much

Warm-up sirit faces from last night/today because I wanna get back into some original stuff and these guys make for real easy mindless scribbling