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ryan, 24, uk. ve/ver/vis preferably or any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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Everyone (including the GM) has been making NeoScum zines lately and I wanted to hop on the train so this is what I'm doing with my summer... not all of it is gonna be comics but they are gonna make up a substantial part of it. I'm having fun using some different brushes and colouring methods from my usual tools

What's up I haven't posted anything for like two months because I Have Depression Babey but I drew all of my Transitverse/Shadowrun/Scumverse/whatever characters for pride month

I also did a ton of other shit but let's start off with this


I kinda gave up shading these halfway through bc I want to post it more than I want to finish it but I wanted to draw Nein in a bunch of different outfits. Post-LoA her creative side leads her into fashion and makeup and she gets REALLY into it and eventually ends up running a fashion blog

(WHTB are Who Hid the Body. They’re witch house/punk fusion and they’re her favourite band.)


I had to do one of these cards for Nein too. I planned on doing this in between other things but.......... my brain wouldn't let me rest until I finished it so here she is. Very much into drawing her atm

I really wanted to draw on Tuesday/Wednesday but I’ve been really tired n dealing with a lot of pain so I needed something easy and fun... which is the perfect excuse to knock out a fashion lineup because I’ve wanted to do some designs for Legacy of Adam uniforms for a little while now anyway

Various iterations for various situations (plus #1′s downtime wear) as modelled by sweet baby Nein before her shit got wild

I said I would do some intros for the characters I draw most atm so! Here they are

They're TECHNICALLY Shadowrun characters but they live in the NeoScum podcast's iteration of the shadowrun world and their GM's favourite thing about shadowrun is, to quote, "deviating from it", and I don't actually play these guys in an active game or anything so I don't really follow the rulebook too closely lmao. This is all "present day" info, AKA it more or less lines up with the canon NeoScum timeline right now

Some more info under the cut! History (what the hell is LoA, anyway) and how these guys relate to one another.

Preface: Legacy of Adam is a NeoScum-canon corporation which essentially raises kids to be human weapons. There's a LOT I could go into but the important info is: one of the player characters, Zenith, was raised by them (and when deemed unsuitable for further service due to PTSD and hir general mindset, mind-wiped and dumped into a civillian life), and they are absolutely performing drastic cybersurgery on children (obtained through as-yet-unknown means) and sending them out to fight wars.

SO this is where we start with Aubrey. She was raised in a different facility (Zenith was raised in Thailand) and made her escape when there was a transport incident on her way back from deployment. She and several others managed to fumble their way through the process of getting money and fake documents and split off, at which point Aubrey's life went to hell again. the TL;DR of it is she couldn't hack it as a shadowrunner and just about scraped by being traded off between gangs as an asset until someone who actually cared called in a favour and helped her get her foot in the door at the security company she still works for now

Kaveh and Iloya are pretty much Aubrey's best friends and have saved her ass numerous times. She took a bullet in her first month on the job and freaked at the prospect of being stuck in the medical wing for an extended period of time so Kaveh, being who he is, let her come and stay with him 'til she could comfortably look after herself again (I'm writing this series of events in Eggshells rn). They later end up being long-term roommates for a couple of years. Iloya was already friends with Kaveh before Aubrey was on the scene and kind of adopted Aubrey into their family. Aubrey goes home with them at Christmas WHICH I AM ALSO writing a fic about so I will let that speak for itself when I post it hopefully this coming week

And then we have Nein... Aubrey has always been very empathetic and protective but she really imprinted on a few other kids in particular while under LoA, and Nein was one of them. They're essentially sisters. She was one of the few who made it out along with Aubrey during the aforementioned transport incident but she was very young and found everything so overwhelming that she just turned herself back in to LoA. She's since come to resent Aubrey and they've used her experience as leverage to play her into their own hand, isolating her, outfitting her with a ton of custom cyberware/bioware and convincing her that a) she's literally better than anyone else and b) that she can only be that good while under their "employ".

Where this goes, ultimately.......... we will see. I have all kinds of possible outcomes slinging around in my head and I have a ~true ending~ in mind I guess but it comes down to what happens in NeoScum canon to some degree because Aubrey's whole deal in the first place is to be a counterpart to Zenith. I wanted them to bounce off one another, both of them having gone through something the same and yet vastly different at the same time. If Zenith dies Aubrey goes full murder mode and we get the ultimate bad end

Anyway! I love these guys a lot. there is also June (another ex-LoA operative/sibling) but I'm not entirely sure yet when or how he fits in so he'll get a card later, maybe with some other people

Who are you, really? Underneath all of that?

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1: Thinkin about making Nein an orc. I think I subconsciously based her appearance a little bit on Gobbet from SR:HK from the start so fuck it why not lean into it

2: June, my third ex-Legacy boy who I posted like once last summer and then never did anything with because I haven’t figured out how to slot him into the (loose) plot yet. Changed him to be an elf cuz I need to vary my metatypes more and idk if his hair is quite right yet (I re-drew it so many times) but I like this for now. He shows up some time after Nein and Aubrey are reunited and he would have to be the one to approach Aubrey bc she straight up would not recognise him at all. He’s the same age as her so they last saw each other when they were 17 and since then he’s been on T and had all of his C&C cyberware removed/replaced with more inconspicuous pieces so the only major giveaway is the eye scar

Nein ref! because I wanted to get all her implants and modifications down on paper with some bonus flavour text that I whipped up

I popped open Hero Lab while I was doing this to skim over the list of cyber/bioware in the books I have in there in case there was anything cool that appealed to me that I could add to her and y’all, Shadowrun is a real game you can play that lets you do some really fucking stupid bullshit to your character

AUBREY AND NEIN POST compiled from recent tweets and thoughts spawned from them

  • Nein is super socially dysfunctional upon exiting Legacy of Adam on account of her initial childhood and then the even more fucked-up second phase of her upbringing where she was even further isolated from other people. She has some really major anger and aggression problems. She tends to turn her anxiety and frustration outwards bc she’s used to having authority over or taking priority over other people and/or at least not having to deal with the fallout of her own mess beyond whatever personal punishment is laid on her

  • Despite this once she’s back with Aubrey and they start tapping into her compassionate side she consciously doesn’t want to be destructive anymore and ultimately starts doing like, craft work as an outlet. She would rather create than destroy and it’s the first skill she learns post-LoA that she feels is really meaningful to her

  • (She starts out with scoobies. yall remember those plastic things you could weave into bracelets and keychains and all sorts of shit? they spend a day w/ Kaveh’s family and one of the kids teaches her how to do stuff with them)

  • Aubrey is great with kids

  • She was very much the protective big sister during her time w/ LoA and she’s not sure about having kids and going into childcare as a career or something is probably not on the table (it’s not the kind of environment she can just shut off for a while when she needs to and she’s prone to sensory overload) but she likes being with kids and she’s always a hit w/ the foster kids at Kaveh’s parents’ house

  • Gender is weird for these two because of their upbringing removed from mainstream society

  • Aubrey is pretty happy Being A Woman but is just like ideologically opposed to the gender binary and calling her a nonbinary woman is probably the most accurate term

  • Nein is really ??? because she grew up even MORE sheltered and beyond pronouns it was basically not ever a topic that came up during her time w/ LoA so she just kind of went with it and never gave it a second thought. but then she leaves and uh turns out people have opinions on this and there’s also a lot of options to choose from and she doesn’t really understand the difference between anything from an internal identity perspective

  • That said she semi-frequently gets gendered as non-female on account of being bald/totally flat-chested/broad-shouldered depending on what she’s wearing and her kneejerk reaction is to correct people. but? I don’t know. she doesn’t know. she has a lot of things to work out and this falls pretty low on the list of priorities

  • If Aubrey ever did leave her current job (and she probably should, eventually, bc for all its benefits it is inherently unhealthy for her mental state) she would probably end up working with animals, in a shelter or as a vet tech or something

Chompers........... I decided it makes sense for Nein to have some teeth implants on top of everything else. idk if they're gonna stay gold I just wanted them to match her eyes here


I didn't plan on spending so much time on this but I wanted some nice art of Nein so :^)

She escaped the clutches of Legacy of Adam w/ Aubrey but turned herself back in to LoA and for her "loyalty" they... "rewarded" her. She was only twelve at the time and between the culture shock and being so young she couldn't handle trying to make it in normal society alone and LoA really doubled down on her once she was back in their hands, and used that to drill it into her that the outside world would only ever be hostile to her while they care for her and give her her true purpose in life. Despite their continued abusive practices they have her convinced she's their golden child, outfitted and trained to be better than any of their other operatives (spoiler: she's not and they have a bunch of others just like her), and she harbours a deep-seated hatred for Aubrey now as the one who orchestrated their initial escape, viewing her as having abandoned her to the streets.

(In the timeline where they reunite they work through it... a lot happens very fast and they have to make some very decisive life-or-death calls that leads to some rapid initial reconciliation. Things are still very rocky but there are some barriers that get broken down very quickly)