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ryan, 24, uk. ve/ver/vis preferably or any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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Can I offer you some mudokon feather growth patterns in this trying time

Faces faces faces. I’m mostly refamiliarising myself with these before I go make some design tweaks but it turns out I do in fact remember how to Oddworld

Teaching myself to draw my own characters again... it has been 84 years

Twitter is doing the start vs finish meme so. I have worse blue sketches but there would be no point in posting them because they'd be completely incomprehensible so here's this one instead

An Aubrey I drew in like 60 seconds because I was trying to remember how her face works and a Hanz who I did not expect to be so easy to draw. I took a shot at him last year and did NOT like the results but I want a pic of him for my new plot map and this just kind of happened. 1000% better

I'm hoping if I do enough hand studies then my brain will finally understand how I've wanted to draw hands for the last ten years and actually start drawing them that way

I'm picking up Eggshells again and I looked back at my last batches of panels and I've been drawing Aubrey a little off so I did this in like, 60 seconds to remember what shape her face is

Doing clean sketches for the last few chapters of Eggshells and I love this one so much. LOOK at them

Recent Oddworld stuff: Sketch of me n a friend's character from earlier this month(? late November maybe) and a page of animal sketches from the new art book I did as warm-ups

Warm-up sirit faces from last night/today because I wanna get back into some original stuff and these guys make for real easy mindless scribbling