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ryan, 23, uk. ve/ver/vis, ze/hir, they/them, any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

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Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR


by ghostmoor

neoscums said LGBT rights. happy pride month everyone

by ghostmoor

Episode 09 (To the Limit) - Episode 29 (Time’s Up)

I was listening to episode 9 last night and noticed this so I just… HAD to draw it because how could I not. I love parallels like this. I got a lil teary when I realised they said it the exact same way too

by ghostmoor

// One long summer night on a roof takes you higher than you have ever been before.

I drew some Tech/Lala last night because FUCK I love these two so much. I start crying every time Lala’s theme starts playing no matter what the context. I hope we get to see more of her bc she’s a fun character in her own right too

HEY this is as good a post as any to be my first, I think! Some festive NeoScum goodness because boy do these people go through hell and I just want to see them all together and happy for once. Good podcast good people good characters but I cry a lot over their misery.

So, hi? I'm Ryan and I do art. I'm ghostmoor basically everywhere (twitter,, deviantart, tumblr, pillowfort). I like worldbuilding, character design, exploring nonhuman characters/societies in fiction, pigeons, Oddworld, and my recently-discovered love, NeoScum. Occasionally I write things. Maybe once every three years I make a song. Lately I've been into poetry but my passions for new things can burn out very quickly so we'll see where it goes. In a similar vein, I streamed part of the colouring process for the above pic and I want to stream some more in 2019. It may or may not happen, but following me on Twitter (or mastodon, if I can remember to crosspost as planned) is gonna be the best way of getting updates about that.

I have a webcomic! I haven't been good at updating it lately but I haven't forgotten about it and I still want to continue making it. You can read it at