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ryan radley // 25 // ze/hir or ve/ver // maker of art, lover of pigeons, trans of gender

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I sketched these out SO long ago when I first made Murphy and Viv and I finally got to finishing them on stream a while ago. Oddworld is still very near and dear to my heart even if I've been in NeoScum hell for 8 months and counting

Murphy and Viv have very different approaches to their craft… Murphy is very calculating and tends to be more observational, only getting their hands dirty when absolutely necessary. As far as vykkers go they’re kind of a clean freak. That said, they also hate getting dressed up fancy, but do it for business purposes to attempt to make meetings with glukkon business partners more amicable.

Viv on the other hand is nasty and likes to poke and prod at everything. They’re the one who puts Murphy’s theories to the test and they do NOT care for looking presentable in the eyes of species with more… rigid social codes of conduct