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ryan, 24, uk. ve/ver/vis preferably or any neutral pronouns. i do art. i love oddworld and neoscum and i have too many original projects to list

Posts tagged they r like. friends of mine. i will plug this podcast at every opportunity:

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THE LONELY SISTER // They have eyes; eyes, everywhere, watching, always, and your attempts to close them only spill more blood.

I've been relistening to NeoScum and boy do I have #feelings about Pox being so tired of constantly running and always feeling like she's endangering the people she cares about just by associating with them

fallow -

ooh this is really neat designwise!! & i like the way u shaded her hair & how the lower bit of it has a gradient & all that good stuff
what inspired u to do character tarot/ish cards?
i'm guessing neoscum is a shadowrun podcast...? I hadn't heard of it before seein' ur art but I might try checkin' it out cuz it sounds neat!

ghostmoor -

Thank you!! I like thinking of, like, dramatic titles for characters and I've done a few tarot cards for other stuff in the past so it kinda grew from there. You are correct in thinking that NeoScum is a shadowrun podcast and it is VERY GOOD, they kinda toss out the really boring/tedious stuff and their GM, Gannon, does a lot of his own worldbuilding around the canon material. 10/10, I have both laughed myself stupid and cried for five straight minutes over this podcast, would recommend